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Our Car Wash Services

Our Car Wash Services

At All Seasons Auto Wash we take pride in providing you with highest quality wash in the Colorado Springs area. Our state-of-the-art wash technologies ensure that your vehicle leaves the wash with a showroom quality shine. We have various wash combinations to fit your needs and upgrades that can be applied to any wash package if certian combinations don't have exactly what you need.

For detailed descriptions of the wash packages, visit our Wash Menu page.

For detailed descriptions of the upgrades, visit our Upgrades page.

The Manager's Special is our premier wash combination. For more details and a video describing the entire process, check our the Manager's Special page.

For those who seek the pinnicle in value and convenience, we offer prepaid wash packages and unlimited montly wash packages. For details visit our wash packages page.

Our Washes:

    Wash Combinations

  • We have car wash combinations to fit all budgets and quality needs. Ranging from $5 to $20, your're sure to find a wash combination that fits your needs.
  • Wash Upgrades

  • If you can't find exactly what you're looking for in one of our wash combinations, you can customize it with our upgrades.
  • The Manager's Special

  • We know that serious car owners demand serious quality. That is why we have created the most comprehensive wash package in Colorado Springs! The Manager’s Special is our premier wash that includes everything we offer! Visit our Manager’s Special page for videos and more details.
  • Pre-Paid Wash Packages

  • If you’re looking for convince and faster service, look no farther than All Seasons Auto Wash. We have Unlimited and Prepaid Wash Packages that provide the ultimate speed and flexibility. For information on these wash packs, visit the Pre-Paid Packages page.

Exclusive Car Wash Features

Lava Shield

The Lava Shield is a 4 Step paint sealant system that cleans, seals, rinses, and shines your paint.  The Lavafall application ensures maximum soap coverage over the enitre vehicle to leave your paint remarkably shiny.

Triple Foam

Triple Foam is a 3 setp cleaner and conditioner that is applied to the sides of the car to help breakdown and remove road grime.

Tracking Wheel Washers

The dirt roads and winter salt in Colorado can take a toll on your wheels. Our wheel washer tracks both front and rear wheels with your car to extend the amount of time spent dedicated to your wheels.

Cascading Hot Wax

We teamed up with Simoniz to bring you their famous Carnouba Hot Wax coupled with the convenience of a car wash. Hot wax cascades over your car to create a barrier that protects against damage.

Buff and Dry Pads

All Seasons Auto Wash is the only car wash in Colorado to offer Buff and Dry. These microfiber pads do a final paint buff while simultaniously helping to dry the vehicle to prevent water spots.

Tire Shine Brush

The final feature of the wash will leave your tires looking shiney and brand new. Our tireshine brush simultaniously removes dirt and applies a tire shire formula.