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Prepaid Car Wash Packages

The Most Convenient Car Wash in Colorado Springs

Prepaying for your wash packages allows you to have the most streamlined, timely, and convenient wash possible! When you purchase your prepaid package, we give you a fast pass sticker or gift card when you come in to our office.

Buy 4 Get one Free

When you purchase 4 washes in advance, we give you 1 for FREE! These packages are a great value for our more frequent customers. These packs come with a gift card that has a barcode. This makes them great gifts for those people in your life that may just need a good car cleaning. The gift card provides you the freedom to use the 5 washes how you want to use them!

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Unlimited Washes

The Unlimited Wash Package represents the pinnacle of value and convenience that we can offer. These packages are tailored toward customers that require the cleanest vehicle at all times. The Unlimited Wash Package represents our greatest value. An affordable monthly charge gets you access to Unlimited washes for that month! These packages also include the fast pass system that gets you in and out of your Car Wash in the most timely manner possible. If you visit the wash frequently, this package is perfect for you!

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