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About Us

All Seasons Auto Wash

The Premier Car Wash in Colorado Springs

All Seasons Auto Wash is a professional drive through car wash in Colorado Springs, CO. We use state-of-the art car wash systems and techniques that create a unique three-minute express car wash experience that is unparalleled anywhere in Colorado. Our 140 foot long tunnel is fitted from end to end with cutting edge cleaning, polishing and drying technologies. We also provide our customers FREE vacuum cleaning and a FREE Mat Washer with the purchase of any of our car wash packages.

An Unparalleled Car Wash Process:

    Pre-wash Car Prep

  • The process starts with prepping the car for the wash. After the car is lathered with soap, high quality Hogs Hair brushes are used to remove bugs and dirt that may be in the hard to reach areas on front and rear of the vehicle. If you select a wash above the basic wash, wheels are also prepped using a brake dust removal formula. The vehicle is then pressure washed as it enters the car wash. We focus along the wheel wells, wheels, and running boards to remove stubborn brake dust and dirt.
  • The Paint Sealant Process

  • We offer various wash packages that protect your vehicle and meet your specific needs. Our packages include the 4 step Lava Shield paint sealant process, Simoniz Carnouba Hot Wax, and Rain Repellant. The Lava Shield uses processes to produce an amazing shine and seal in the color of your paint. The Hot Wax provides a layer of protection to keep your paint safe from damage done by dirt. Finally, the Rain Repellant whisks moisture off your car for safe driving and an extended clean.
  • Unparalleled Spot Free Shine

  • The final stages of the wash include the spot free rinse and the drying process. The spot free rinse is the final rinse in the wash that uses ultra-purified water. The ultra-pure quality of the water helps to reduce residual water spots on the vehicle. We are also the only car wash in Colorado to offer the Buff and Dry system! This is a set of soft buffing pads that gently buffs in the waxes and sealants that have been applied to your car, resulting in a top quality, long-lasting shine. The Buff and Dry is the final component of the wash. It leaves you car perfectly dry and with the highest quality shine we offer.
  • After Your Car is Washed

  • When you have completed your trip through the car wash you may want to Vacuum the interior. That’s no problem because at All Seasons Auto Wash we have 21 high suction vacuums. Better still, when you purchase a car wash they are FREE for you to use. Car mats dirty? That’s no problem either because we have a Floor Mat Washer as well. It’s an all-in-one wash AND dry system, so you don’t have damp mats misting up the inside of your windows. Best of all, this is FREE to use also!